The Studio

Welcome to our Studio!

Founded in 2004, Art Wheel Studio is based on the 'European old master' technique of teaching the individual in a group setting. The individual student is taught to successfully complete each artwork to whatever end they want, with their own pace. We specialize in teaching students both perspective and measurement, composition and placing on paper, and color and tone with great stress on shading and light. In our studio, students experience working with different media, like acrylics and pastel, watercolor and ink, and pencil and charcoal. Alongside all of this, students learn how to build their subjects step-by-step, no matter what technique or media they use.

We believe that everyone has an innate artistic ability, and we strive to open and develop this hidden talent in our students.

We provide private lessons for all ages and skill-levels, and our teachers and students provide workshops and outside drawing sessions. 

Our students, in cooperation and supervision of our teacher and parents, have organized WizArt Club, a volunteer organization that provides free art classes throughout the metroplex in libraries and public events.

Through our studio, you can bring style to home and office by ordering high-quality murals for any kind of walls and complete consultations in interior design. Our teachers use the wall like a canvas, and can draw any subject in any style.

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